Single party potsdam 2016

The club was now banned from travelling outside the GDR until further notice.

Single party potsdam 2016

In the end of 1994, Turbine had to play at Vf B Rheine.The women’s team was founded on 3 March 1971, and Bernd Schröder became the first coach.The first match was played on , at Empor Tangermünde and ended with a 3–0 win for Turbine.The club wasn't even allowed to travel to tournaments in other communist countries in case some teams from western Europe participated.Schröder once asked a Hungarian club to alter the list of teams.

Single party potsdam 2016

Schröder stepped down from being the head coach after 21 years and became the manager. After a 3–2 win over Wattenscheid 09, Turbine won promotion to the Bundesliga.The club was suffering from financial problems and sometimes the officials were not sure if they could afford the travel to away matches. Peter Raupach became the new coach, but he was not successful. The first Bundesliga match ended in disaster, after Turbine lost 0–11 at home to FC Rumeln-Kaldenhausen.Many players retired, and after the fall of the Berlin wall, the company who supported the club ran into financial difficulties. Single party potsdam 2016-77 On 1 January 1990, the BSG Turbine Potsdam became the SSV Turbine Potsdam.In 1979, the first unofficial women’s football championship of the GDR was held – unofficial as women’s football was far from being recognised by the Olympic Games.

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Turbine was the favourite but missed the final tournament. The final tournament in 1981 was held in Potsdam and Schröder was under pressure. However, the team struggled during the qualification.However, Turbine didn't receive any of these invitations.The GDR forbade the team to travel into capitalist countries.Once again the team was accompanied by an SED member who wanted to force the Polish club to send the Western European teams home.As a compromise, Turbine played a friendly match against the home team.

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